Prof. Dr. Silke Paulmann
Professor and Head of the Psychology department at University of Essex
Silke Paulmann studied English Linguistics, American Literature and Media at the Universities of Paderborn, Germany, and Groningen, The Netherlands. In 2003, she completed a Masters degree at the University of Paderborn. For the next three years... Read more >
Dr. Sebastian Korb
Lecturer at the department of Psychology, University of Essex
Dr. Korb earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from University of Strasbourg, France, and a Master’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience from Utrecht University, the Netherlands, where he also did an internship with Jack van Honk and Dennis Schutter. He went on to get... Read more >
Dr. Eva Gutierrez-Sigut
Lecturer at the department of Psychology, University of Essex
Dr. Gutierrez is a cognitive neuroscientist interested in how atypical language development, due to early onset deafness, impacts language and reading skills, at both the behavioural and neuropsychological levels. After obtaining her PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of La Laguna (Spain), she was... Read more >
Dr. Roman Vakhrushev 
PhD of Cognitive Neuroscience, ANT Neuro Application Specialist
Dr. Roman Vakhrushev is a neuroscientist interested in human visual and auditory sensory systems. During his Ph.D. in Göttingen, Germany, he investigated cross-modal reward mechanisms in early sensory systems. There he gave a series... Read more >
Dr. Fabio Barollo
PhD of Biomedical engineering, ANT Neuro Application Specialist
Dr. Fabio Barollo is a biomedical engineer and earned his joint PhD from Aston University (UK) and Reykjavik University (Iceland). His main research focus lies in the use of EEG to investigate the cortical mechanisms which... Read more >
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